This blog is about life with my husband who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's and Frontal Lobe Dementia in 2008. He was 64 at the time although now, knowing more about the disease, Alzheimer's was present many, many years ago, which is why early detection is so important. As you read the blog the character"Al" that I created in 2008 represents the way that Alzheimer's is invading our daily lives.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Living with Bob and "Al"

Sheri brought "Al" a new box of crayons. "Al" was excited to see them but hushed Sheri and whispered  "we need to put these where no one can find them, they tend to disappear." Sheri chuckled to herself and thought,  maybe they intentionally disappear to keep them out of the washer and dryer :)

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  1. I am chuckling as well over the "things disappear here" comment - my dad says this often, but 99.99 percent of the time a missing item is due to his new "organizing" skills! (With the other portion either the laundry system or another resident as they seem to like to collect items!) :)