This blog is about life with my husband who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's and Frontal Lobe Dementia in 2008. He was 64 at the time although now, knowing more about the disease, Alzheimer's was present many, many years ago, which is why early detection is so important. As you read the blog the character"Al" that I created in 2008 represents the way that Alzheimer's is invading our daily lives.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Living with Bob and "Al"

Sheri  was only able to bring a few plants with her from her "Life through the Fence Post " garden.The garden she had to leave behind with the foreclosure of their family home. She has been waiting patiently to see if any of them survived the hasty transplant in November right before the frozen tundra froze over. About three weeks ago she was thrilled to see that her clematis was growing quickly up the arch in her new "not quite her garden' garden. There were several small and weak vines but none the less it made her heart happy, it gave here a feeling of a re-birthing of sorts and it had the first tiny flower bud on it. Yesterday afternoon Bob was trying to do something nice for Sheri. "Al" had the weed whacker and in just an instant the clematis was gone. Anger swept over her and she wept. She realized it was not just about the clematis, it was about all the things it represents.The loses this past year and the feeling that Alzheimer's has ripped the roots of her life right out of the ground. At least the clematis ... will grow back.


  1. The pain of the loss is so constant, "little things" are not really what they seem to be. Sometimes, crying is best. Hurting with you today.


  2. Last year I had a bumper crop of watermelons, that spilled out onto the lawn. After carfully picking up the vines each time I mowed, lying them back down, I came home one day to find them gone, even the main plant had been mowed down. My DH was so proud of himself to have gotten rid of that big weed! Sob on my part.

  3. My clematis is in full bloom, and I always think of you and say a little prayer for you when I see it. You have posted so many beautiful pictures of yours on line. God Bless you girlfriend.