This blog is about life with my husband who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's and Frontal Lobe Dementia in 2008. He was 64 at the time although now, knowing more about the disease, Alzheimer's was present many, many years ago, which is why early detection is so important. As you read the blog the character"Al" that I created in 2008 represents the way that Alzheimer's is invading our daily lives.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Living with Bob and Al

Sheri and Bob were
at a store today
on the wall was a photo of
The Excelsior Amusement Park
Bob was frustrated, that Sheri did not
remember going there
Sheri said nonchalantly that she had not been there
 "Al" however was adamant about it
Sheri stopped trying... the amusement park 
closed and was demolished in 1973,
Sheri and Bob did  not get married until 1989
not to mention Sheri had not even graduated high school
at that time ...
Sheri needs to learn to save herself the frustration
and just smile and nod. :)

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  1. Oh, I know what you mean. But that's so very hard to do "save ourselves the frustration--" I have some of those argumentative issues with a controlling hubby who has no memory loss at all.
    Have some happy holidays--